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Tablet Repair & Service in Mumbai

Tablet Repair Charges

30-day warranty on Spare Parts​
  • Person will visit and take the tablet to our service center
  • We Only Use Genuine Spare Parts

Common Tab Problem Solutions to help you Make your Tablet repair in mumbai easy

  • Heating Issue & Problem On All kinds of Tab & iPad

You should never over charge your tablet, which is the main reason behind heating of t he tablet, and also remember that the ventilation is very important for the hot air to come out of the tab, hence always use little thin kind of a cover for tab so that the hot air which comes from the processor get what way to come out, it’s a good practice to the tab fully then use rather than charging it and using it simultaneously, and use the charger which comes with tab during purchase because that will the original charger, do no use any fake charger or bad quality charger,

Make careful to uninstall any apps you’ve installed, such as phone cleaning. These apps consume your phone’s battery by running in the background.Never download programs from sources other than the Google Play Store. These apps may include malware that runs in the background of your phone, consuming your battery.

  • fix a Samsung Galaxy Tab that has frozen or been stuck?

To begin, check your smartphone for Android updates. If an update is now available, install it right away.Uninstall or Force stop any apps on your phone that you do not use.Wait to see whether the problem goes away after restarting your Samsung Galaxy Tab in safe mode. If it doesn’t work, restart your phone normally and uninstall the app that created the issue.On some apps, such as Instagram, you may experience screen locked issues. This isn’t due to a flaw in the programme. Either your phone’s memory is low or there isn’t enough storage on it.

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